A smooth and fuss-free screen-casting tool

FlashGet Cast - Screen Cast To TV is a freemium multimedia tool that enables users to screencast their mobile devices onto a larger screen like a PC or TV screen. Through this screencasting software from FlashGet Network Technology Co.Ltd., users can also control their mobile device through the program to play games or send texts.

Take note, however, that the ability to remotely control and cast your iOS device’s screen through AirPlay is only available to users who have purchased the premium version of FlashGet Cast - Screen Cast To TV. Users of the free version can still screencast their Apple devices through a USB connection, though.

Share your screen in a snap

FlashGet Cast - Screen Cast To TV offers users a seamless experience that allows them to share various media like movies, photos, and even games by mirroring the activity on their mobile device’s screen onto a larger device, as well as any audio linked to them. This makes it an ideal tool for users who need to project files and presentations from their phones onto a screen for teaching or demonstration purposes.

As already mentioned, the program also allows users to remotely control their phone through the mirrored screen using a mouse or keyboard. Any changes you make to a document will be broadcasted in real-time for viewers of your presentation to quickly view. The control function also allows you to enjoy playing your favorite mobile games without the use of an emulator, as well.

In order to begin mirroring your screen, you can scan a QR code to quickly link your chosen device. Users can sometimes experience slight delays when connecting devices using this wireless connection, however, it doesn’t detract from the overall experience. You can still opt to connect using a USB cable, as well, to maintain screen quality and avoid any delays in projection.

A user-friendly tool

Whether you need to present during a meeting or simply want to share a video for you and your friends to watch together, FlashGet Cast - Screen Cast To TV is a great tool that can aid a variety of users in different ways. With a quick-and-easy connection process and the ability to control your mobile device with your mouse, this screencast program is easy for even new users to navigate.

FlashGet Cast - screen cast to TV is a powerful screen casting tool. It allows you to cast your phone(Android/iPhone) or computer(Windows/Mac) screen to your TV wirelessly and supports audio sound.

Here are the features and benefits of FlashGet Cast:

What is FlashGet Cast - Screen Cast to TV?
FlashGet Cast is a free and compatible screen casting app. Whether you want to watch movies, play games, or present to a group, FlashGet Cast makes it possible to display your screen on a larger, more comfortable TV screen.

Features of FlashGet Cast:
1. Casting movies, photos and games on smart TV's big screen
2. Casting meetings or demonstrations with friends or colleagues
3. Playing mobile games and typing text on a PC
4. Mirror screen to TV to do online teaching or training
5. Compatible with various platforms
6. Remote phone control from PC

Advantages of Using FlashGet Cast
1. Comfortable Viewing Experience
2. Versatility
3. Security and Reliability

With FlashGet Cast, you can enjoy a comfortable viewing experience on a larger screen and take advantage of a variety of features.


  • Lets your control your mobile device remotely
  • Can also reflect audio from your device
  • Can also reflect audio from your device Can be connected wirelessly or through USB


  • Wireless connections can experience minor delays

Program available in other languages

FlashGet Cast - Screen Cast To TV for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V
  • 4.2

  • Security Status

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